Rapid City Fire Department release their numbers from 2020

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)-The Rapid City Fire Department has released its statistical report for 2020.

Tessa Jaeger, public information officer for the RCFD said calls for service to the RCFD continue their decade long upwards trend.

In total, 1,337 of those calls were for fires or potential fires.

But it’s not only calls for fires, as Jaeger said many in the public don’t realize RCFD operates the city ambulance system as well, which responded to almost 12,000 medical only calls.

Another statistic of note was so-called “good intent” calls. RCFD received 1,274 of these calls. Jaeger encouraged people to utilize the non-emergency number for questionable situations, rather than 911.

RCFD also had 951 calls for other purposes like rescue operations, and dispatch averaged about 50 calls a day.