Rapid City mayor addresses parking concerns

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA News) – There is some grousing over the new parking plan downtown, as the plan is being implemented and the installation of the parking meters has been underway. Mayor Steve Allender, speaking last week with Charlie O during the FOCUS WITH THE MAYOR SEGEMENT, predicts that in six months to a year, concerns will dissipate as people see how the new plan provides an advantage for the business climate and community over the former three-hour parking.

This then creates parking for a broader range of customers which Allender says was the intended purpose of the new plan. He used Sioux Falls as an example (where merchants are urging the city to stop free parking on evenings and weekends because there’s no revenue).

Some business owners have talked about the online parking application process has been confusing, but that’s just a matter of getting familiar with the process. Allender said those parking spots are publicly owned infrastructure and should be made available to the broadest range of public as possible.

A newly organized parking committee supports alterations to the plan going forward.