Reactions from Aberdeen legislators to Governor Noem’s State of the State Address

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Here are reaction from legislators in Aberdeen to Governor Noem’s State of the State Address.

District 1 Senator Michael Rohl:

“I thought it was a positive speech overall.  Certainly less policy orientated than years past and more broad concepts.”

District 3 Senator Al Novstrup:

“Governor Noem’s State of the State speech promoted ten South Dakota values that most of us can agree upon. I thought it was the best speech by a Governor that I have heard as it clearly laid out South Dakota values. The Governor’s main theme was freedom. Some of the South Dakota values and freedom’s that the Governor talked about were:

Freedom to work and build a quality of life for families thru economic growth and freedom
The importance of carry for the the unborn babies, young babies and the new mothers
Quantity healthcare with an emphasis on mobile healthcare that South Dakota is pioneering by equipping EMT’s with tele-medicine
Respect for all as we believe everyone is a child of God. The Governor took a firm stand against the anti-semantism that has become visible in the past few months.
The need for giving prison inmates a second chance.”

District 3 Representative Brandei Schaefbauer:

“I thought the governor’s address today for the state of the state really featured the best qualities about South Dakota.  From the freedom to work to the right to bear arms, the freedom to own your private property… to be a farmer or rancher and have freedom to own your land, to have good education with good teacher pay, to keep people healthy so they are free to live, work and be educated.

I think she really highlighted everything that we need to focus on to keep South Dakota a great state to live in and raise a family.”

District 3 Representative Carl Perry:

“She had right to bear arms & I agree.  Tourism & enjoy the outdoors.  She didn’t hit on farm and ranch.  I was disappointed that she didn’t talk about proteting landowners property rights.

The next thing she covered was security in the B-21 Bomber and the things that we do with our National Guard, South Dakota National Guard and the fact that we’re going to have breakfast this Friday morning at 6:30 with them.  Then rehabilitation and giving second chances, the advantages of drug court, which is a good idea.

We also covered being respected, and she mentioned Jewish and different areas like that.  She got into teachers pay and I’m sure that K-3 one and Board of Regent all have their own responses for this.

Then she got into a healthy lifestyle and a healthy location and living, clean and healthy and I thought that was good.

Then her other area was on right to life that was excellent.  Her final area was work that South Dakota is a state where people work hard and they come to work on time and we have opportunities for many others and we’ve already filled a lot of different opportunities with the freedom works here and we’re hoping that we can expand that and get even more people here.

South Dakota has great opportunities with electricians, plumbers, nursing is a big area and you just name it and our workforce is in a shortage area, but I think we’re better off than many states.