Reactions to 2024 elections

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Tuesday night was election night in the state of South Dakota.  Here are reactions from candidates in the region to the results that came in.

Kyler Dinger will be joining the Brown County Commission after receiving the most votes in Brown County.  Dinger thanks everyone involved in helping him with the process.

Finishing second was Commissioner Duane Sutton.  Sutton who did very litle spending during the campaign, talks about the importance of the candidate forums.

Logan Manhart received the most votes in the District 1 Primary to advance to November.  He too wanted to thank those that helped him get there.

Also advancing to November for District 1 is Chris Reder who said being upfront with the voters was the key to his success.

In District 23, Representative Scott Moore won re-election to return to Pierre in 2025.  The key to success was the support he received from everyone in the district.

Spencer Gosch will be returning to Pierre as a District 23 Representative following a two year absence and release the following:

“I’m humbled by the turnout and excited to work for the great people of District 23 again.”

Also heading to Pierre for the first time will be Mark Lapka(Lap-Key) to the South Dakota Senate.  He released the following statement:

“I want to thank everyone for supporting me through our race.  The support I’ve received through this race has been overwhelming and I am absolutely humbled by the support of the people of District 23.  As excited as I am to win, I am even more excited to go to work for the great people of North Central South Dakota.  I want everyone to know that I work for them, and feel free to get a hold of me at mhlapka@valleytel.ent.”

One other reaction to share is from House Majority Whip JD Wangsness who finished in 3rd and will not return to Pierre.  He believe this could have an impact on the Open Primary amendment that voters will have in November.

“I don’t agree with open primaries but tonight’s results show a hard swing to the right and that will motivate people to make changes.”  He now believes the amendment has a much better chance to pass thank to results not just in the region but across the state.

In District 3, Representative Carl Perry defeated Katie Washnok & said his key to victory was getting trust with the city.

Katie Washnok was gracious in defeat and congratulated Representative Perry on his victory.

Toby Doeden, founder of Dakota First Action, had all his candidates in the region they endorsed won & had success elsewhere in the state released the following:

“The run of liberal establishment hacks running South Dakota is coming to and end, last night was clear evidence of that.  Dakota First Action helped eradicate dozens of RINOs Tuesday.  We are just getting started, this was only the first step in a years’ long process to ensure South Dakota has true conservative leadership.  We couldn’t be more proud of candidates.”

District 1 Senate summarize how the election will impact District 1 who he represents going forward.

We will more reactions as they come in.