Reactions to the sparrow map used to setup the districts in South Dakota

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX & DRGNews)- South Dakota legislators had to take their special session into overtime to find agreement on a final legislative district map.

Representative Ryan Cwach of Yankton says he isn’t sure what drove the final vote.

Cwach says there were some fairly minor changes to the maps presented by House and Senate Committees.

Cwach, a member of the House Redistricting Committee, says the final map reflects most of what was in the Senate proposal.

Representative Mike Stevens of Yankton says it was worth the time and effort.

Stevens says there are a lot of issues tied to drawing new maps.

Stevens says they needed to give it time to come together.

Senate Redistricting chair Senator Mary Duvall of Pierre says the final product took a lot of hard work and cooperation from a lot of people.

Duvall’s home district, District 24, like most other districts will be changing shape.

She says the new district boundaries go into effect for next year’s legislative races.

The map was approved in the House on a thirty-seven to thirty one vote. The Senate passed it on a thirty to two vote.

Representative Drew Dennert will be on the Don Briscoe Show at 5PM to give his take on the redistricting process.