Recap of 2nd Summer Study dealin with County Funding

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The summer study dealing with county funding met for the second time in Pierre on Wednesday.  Among the topics discussed included elections, cybersecurity, & transportation.

Greg Vavra, Program Manager, South Dakota Local Transportation Assistance Program explains what the program is.

Vavra discuss how inflation has played a factor in material example being asphalt.

Department of Transportation Secretary Joel Jundt provided an update.

Jundt talks about what the organization does with federal funds.

One individual in the region they got to hear from today was McPherson County Auditor Lindley Howard.  Howard because of how small the county is must demonstrate multiple skills.

Howard address the committee dealing with medical claims done in the county.

Howard also addressed various election issues.

Howard talked about the post election audits that will be done by each county beginning next year.

Eric Erickson with Association of County Commissioners talked about an incident that happened in Brown County a few years back.

Each legislator on the committee had an opportunity to speak following the testimony heard today.  Senator Al Novstrup took the time to talk about Star Academy.

The third summer study is scheduled for August in Rapid City.