Recap of Alzheimer’s Association meeting in Aberdeen Wednesday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Alzheimer’s Association of South Dakota held a meeting Wednesday at The Aberdeen Area Senior Center.

Executive Director Leslie Morrow talks about the role of the association.

Morrow talks about how much money is going into research of Alzheimer’s Disease each year.

The FDA earlier had approved Aduhelm & Aricept for treatment of Alzheimer’s, Morrow announce that a third drug, Donanemab(Don-an-e-mab) has received approval.  She also discuss the the drugs for now are not covered by Medicare or insurance.

Program Director Michelle Kutner provided facts dealing with Alzheimer’s. The number of people dealing with the disease continues to grow.

Kutner talks about people who are at risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

Kutner discuss how lifestyle can impact your chances of getting this.

Studies show that Afican Americans & Latinos are a getting it at a higher rate than Caucasians.  Kutner tries to explain why that’s the case.

Kutner talks about the numbers here in South Dakota & believes that the number is low in the state.

Kutner talks about how this is impacting caregivers.

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