Recap of Congressman Johnson Tele-Town Hall held Thursday

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- Congressman Dusty Johnson held his first Tele-Town Hall for the first time in 2023.

A number of callers asked about the debt ceiling resolution that passed the U.S House on Wednesday.

Johnson comments on the potential of not paying off the debt in six weeks.

One of the potential cuts could be to ethanol, Johnson did vote for it despite that possibility.

Johnson talks about the big reason to pass it out of the House is to get President Biden at the negotiation table.

A caller asked Congressman Johnson to go ahead and default on the debt in order to get to a balance budget.  Johnson has a term for people that don’t pay their bills.

Congressman Johnson also addressed other issues including what to do with the Southern Border.

Johnson provided an update on the upcoming Farm Bill and believe it might not be ready by September.

Johnson commented on the RESTRICT Act dealing with Tik Tok that’s working its way through the U.S. Senate.

Johnson commented on a Biden plan that could impact those with very good credit.

Johnson was asked about the issue of semi automatic weapons.

Congressman Johnson was asked about China & VA Health Care during the call.