Recap of Congressman Johnson’s Tele-Town Hall held Monday

SOUTH DAKOTA(HubCityRadio)- On Monday night, Congressman Dusty Johnson held a Tele-Town Hall to discuss different issues.  The main focus this time was on President Biden’s executive order forgiving student loan debt & the Chinese government buying land in the U.S.

Congressman Johnson talks about his opposition to student loan forgiveness.

Johnson feels one person should not have the power to do this.

Johnson was asked about comparing this to PPP loans & grants that was done during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Johnson is concern this may potentially go beyond just student loan debts.

Johnson also address as he did in the last tele-town hall about the Chinese government purchasing land in the U.S.

Johnson feels what the Chinese are doing is a potential security risk.

Johnson was asked about the impact TikTok could have on national security.

Johnson was asked other questions during the tele-town hall.  Johnson respond the issue of insider stock trading in Congress.

Johnson was asked about VA health issues in the state.

Johnson discussed the increased crime taking place in South Dakota.

Congressman Johnson addressed other issues such as Congressional term limits, marijuana, among others.