Recap of Congressman Johnson’s Tele-Town Hall held Wednesday

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- Congressman Dusty Johnson held a Tele-Town Hall Wednesday night to allow citizens of South Dakota to ask what’s happening in Washington.

Congressman Johnson was asked about ways to lower gas prices that now are approaching $4 a gallon.

Johnson once again was asked about how elections should be run.  He praises how elections are run in South Dakota.

Johnson was asked about concerns about a potential government shutdown.  Johnson said no shutdown is good.

Several callers express concerns about the Southern Border.  Johnson believes the upcoming budget will have funding needed to help with the border.

Johnson commented on his concerns for those crossing that have legitimate claims for asylum.

Johnson was asked about reports that President Biden wanting to eliminate the paper dollar

Johnson explains why he is in support of an impeachment inquiry involving Presiden Biden & his son Hunter’s financial dealings.

Johnson express his opposition to President Biden looking to eliminate student loan debt for some Americans.

Johnson was asked by an Aberdeen resident about his stance on cryptocurrency.