Recap of Congressman Johnson’s Tele-Town Hall held Wednesday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- For the 2nd time this month Congressman Dusty Johnson held a Tele-Town Hall which gave him an opportunity to hear from the voters in South Dakota.

Congressman Johnson talks about how inflation is inpacting the state and the country.

Johnson express the topic of vaccine mandates that is in place for healthcare workers.

Johnson was asked about trying to control the meat packing industy.

Johnson was asked about what’s being done to help veterans in South Dakota.

Johnson was asked about whether election day should be a federal holiday.  Here’s his response.

Johnson talks about what type of politicians should serve the public.

Johnson was asked whether he would challenge former President Trump’s comment regarding the 2020 elections.  Johnson responded by going after both the former and the current president.

Johnson talks about voting rights and state the example being done in Georgia.

Johnson address the immigration issue.

Congressman Johnson will be in Aberdeen Monday night for the grand opening of the NSU Center for Public History & Civic Engagement.