Recap of County Planning & Zoning Committee dealing with ordinance on pipelines

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday night, the Brown County Planning & Zoning Committee held their meeting with the focus on the ordinance dealing with pipelines. The ordinance deals with hazardous materials in pipelines.

Chair of the Committee Stan Beckler explains the guidelines for the ordinance.

One of the items being considered is the setback distance.  The ordinance puts it at 1500 feet.  Here is how one of the landowners reacted to it.

Brown County Deputy State’s Attorney Ross Aldentaler talks about the Pipeline Safety Act that Congress passed.

Brandi Naughton, Navigator’s Enviromental & Regulatory Manager, talks about the company’s view with regards to the 1500 foot setbacks in the ordinance.

Navigator at this time has no plans for co2 pipelines inside Brown County.  Summit Carbon Solutions does and Trevor Jones who represented them focused on pipelines being regulated by Congress through PHMSA(Finsa)

Jones address the issue of setbacks.

Jones also address the issue of depth.

Another landowner address frustration and warns the Brown County Commission to be prepared for a lawsuit.

Another landowner comment on cultivations and that the setbacks should be farther away from the property.

Dana Lewis with Summit express the opposite view on setback distances.

After close to two hours of debate on both sides. Chairman Beckler summarize what the role of the Brown County Planning & Zoning Board.

No action was taken by the committee.  The Brown County Commission will hold a meeting next week Tuesday to determine the ordinance.