Recap of District 1 candidate for House Logan Manhart appearance

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Thursday, District 1 candidate for South Dakota House Logan Manhart appeared on KSDN to talk about issues going on in Pierre and his platform for the elections.

Manhart intoduced himself to the citizens of District 1.

Manhart explains why he is running for the South Dakota House seat.

We discussed some of the issue taking place in Pierre.  Manhart was in Pierre when Governor Noem signed the Fairness in Women’s Sports bill.  Manhart talks about some potential  issues going forward with the bill.

Manhart gave his stance on the Moment of Silence for schools at the start of the school day.

The heartbeat bill didn’t have a hearing in Pierre and that led to some issues between the Governor and the Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch.  Manhart explains that they maybe mending fences.

Manhart also address the issue of Critical Race Theory and ezplains how those issue would like to be taught.

The vaccine exemption bill(SB211) is working his way through the Senate, Manhart express his views on that.

The Convention of States was defeated in the Senate.  A resolution that may return in 2023.  Manhart offers his views on that.

The leader of the Republican Party for South Dakota, Dan Lederman has the ultimate goal of having all 105 members of the legislature be Republican.  Manhart talks about how realistic that possibility is.

Manhart’s platform has 2 issues he would like to address. The first is supporting police particularly in rural communities.

The second is to emphasize family values.

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