Recap of District 1 House Debate

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Brown County Republican hosted a Candidate Forum involving candidates representing District 1, 3, & 23.  We’ll focus on District 1 House debate.  All three Republicans running for District 1 were present.

Among the topics discussed was the issue with the CO2 pipeline.  Each candidate offered their views on the pipeline.

Representative Tamara St. John:

Logan Manhart:

Chris Reder:

They were also asked about HB1219 that dealt with no eminent domain for the pipeline.  The bill failed in the House Commerce of Energy Committee but was smoked out to the House floor.  There were not enough votes to put it on the calendar for debate.

Representative St. John was among those that did opposed it and explains why.

Manhart discuss his support for that bill.

Reder also explains why he would have supported the bill as well.

Republican Primary will take place on Tuesday, June 4th.  Early & mail-in voting going on now through June 3rd.