Recap of District 3 Senate Debate

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Brown County Republicans hosted a Candidate Forum on Monday night.  Candidates looking to represent District 1, 3, & 23 were invited to appear.  We’re going to focus on the District 3 Senate.  Candidates are Representative Carl Perry who’s looking for his first term in the Senate & Katie Washnok who’s seeking her first term in the South Dakota Legislature.

Representative Perry is an opponent of SB201(Local Control) discussed a fundraising event Washnok had earlier this year that had leadership in the GOP Senate was the feature speakers.  Both of them were supporters of SB201.

Washnok countered Perry’s arguments by saying that she was honored to have them present but noted that she would not always agree with their stances.

At the previous Candidate Forum held at the K.O.Lee Library, Perry discuss the abortion amendment that could be on the November ballot.  He admitted he would not honor the will of the people if approved but accused Washnok of doing just that.

Washnok also countered that argument by focusing on the people of Aberdeen who she would represent.

A topic of disagreement between the candidates involve the convention process.

Perry support the convention process & asked a member of the South Dakota GOP to give their stance.

Washnok believes South Dakota Republicans should be allow to vote for Attorney General & Secretary of State.

Republican Primary takes place on Tuesday, June 4th.  Early voting going on now through June 3rd at the Brown County Courthouse.  You also have the option to mail-in vote.