Recap of Election Seminar held Thursday in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- South Dakota Canvassing held an election seminar Thursday night at City Lights in Aberdeen.

Jessica Pollema(Pol-le-ma) with South Dakota Canvassing was the feature speaker and talked about how much they paid on voter rolls.

Pollema focused on the 2020 elections.  She discussed how there were new voter registered after the election had taken place.

Pollema discuss how voter fraud was determined for the 2020 elections.

Pollema talks about canvassing locations in Minnehaha, Lincoln, and Pennington Counties that had five or more registered voters at a location.

Pollema talks about some of the illegal votes that they discovered.

Pollema reminds the people that auditors in the counties are responsible for running their elections.

Brown County uses poll pads when people come to cast their votes on election day, Pollema feels this needs to be eliminated.

Pollema talks about how voting centers violate the South Dakota Constitution.

Pollema discuss the ES&S systems that used to tabulate the votes.

Pollema discuss why the group prefer hand counting over the tabulating machines.

Pollema talks what citizens in South Dakota should be doing on election days either the primary in June or general elections in November.

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