Recap of Friday night’s Governor Debate in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The three candidates for Governor of the South Dakota held their first debate Friday night in Rapid City.  The three candidates are the incumbent Governor Kristi Noem(R), & her challengers, Representative Jamie Smith(D) & Tracey Quint(L).

On Wednesday, Governor Noem announced her plans to eliminate the grocery tax if reelected, she discussed it at the debate.

Representative Smith called it a political stunt.

Quint feels this should have been done sooner.

On the issue of IM27(legalizing recreational marijuana) Smith said if passed he will implement it.

Governor Noem believes this initiated measure is constitutional and will do the will of the people.

Quint also shows signs of supporting it if passed.

On the issue of Amendment D(expanding Medicaid) Governor Noem would implement but talks about how costly it could be.

Quint said if passed, she would implement it believes there are better ways.

Smith is in favor of Amendment D & talks about how it would impact South Dakotans.

On the issue of abortion, Governor Noem talks about the law that is in effect in South Dakota.

Quint feels this should not be decided by either the voters or the legislature.

Smith feels the legislature should do more for women’s rights.

Dealing with education standards in the state of South Dakota, Governor Noem talks about banning CRT in all schools.

Smith talks about school teachers expressing the opposition to the new standards.

Quint feels that subjects should be taught based on age.

The candidates are scheduled for another debate in October brought by South Dakota Public Broadcasting(SDPB).  Governor Noem is not planning to attend that one due to differences with SDPB.