Recap of Governor Kristi Noem’s appearance on Fox News Sunday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Sunday, Governor Kristi Noem made an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream to discuss a variety of topics.

The focus of the interview is the abortion issue that the Governor is working with the South Dakota legislature.

Governor Noem refuted polls indicating that most Americans are not in favor of overriding the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision.

Noem compares the bill in the works to the law in place in Texas.

Noem was asked how women who can’t afford to raise a child, ways to deal with it besides getting an abortion.

Governor Noem also address other issues during the interview.

Governor was asked how the state was handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the state and the criticism she’s been receiving from both democrats and some republicans.

Noem also addressed SB46(Fairness in Womens Sports) bill that now has moved on the South Dakota House.

Governor Noem was asked about any plans for the 2024 elections.