Recap of Governor Noem’s appearance on NBC “Meet the Press”

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- On Sunday, Governor Kristi Noem appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.  Peter Alexander of NBC News filled in for Kristen Welker.  Noem appeared previewing the Presidential Debate between President Joe Biden & former President Donald Trump that will take place on Thursday.

Noem talks about Trump needing to keep focus on the issues.

Noem believes Trump should try to avoid personal attacks during the debate.

Noem address some of the issues impacting South Dakota including how tariffs with China has impacted the state.

Noem was asked how the Infrastructure Act passed under President Biden has impacted the state.

Among the candidates under consideration for Trump’s VP include the Governor of North Dakota Doug Burghum.

Noem believes Donald Trump needs to pick the best candidate for Vice President regardless of gender,

Noem was also asked about the issue of abortion and said the people of South Dakota will decide that coming up in November with Amendment G.

Governor Noem told Peter her main focus for now is being Governor of South Dakota.  Any future political aspirations will come afterwards.