Recap of Governor Noem’s State of the State Address

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday, Governor Kristi Noem delivered in first State of the State address since being reelected by the voters of South Dakota last November.

Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden looked back on Governor Noem’s first term.

Governor Noem’s address focused on three main topics.  The first topic dealt with the South Dakota economy.

Noem talks about how strong the South Dakota economy is.

Noem talks about the record surplus and she wants to do with it.

Noem discuss the importance of repealing the sales tax on groceries.

Noem talks about the unemployment rate in the state.

Noem reminds the people that the state didn’t take in any extra unemployment benefits from the federal government.

The second topic the Governor focused on is building stronger families in the state.

Noem talks about increasing paid family leaves for state employees.

Noem talks about ways to help pregnant women.

Noem looks for ways to help those who would like to adopt.

Noem also announced a new program called “Stronger Families Schlorships”.

The third topics Governor Noem focused on was making South Dakota a more secure state.

Noem’s focus was on Communist China including the banning of TikTok.

The other item Governor Noem focused on is the prevention of countries hating America from buying ag land.

Toward the end of the address, Governor Noem announced the Governor’s Award for Heroism.

The first award went to the group at the Avera Avantara nursing home in Salem.

The second award went to Air Force Staff Sergeant of the South Dakota Air Guard Mark Kock.