Recap of Legislative Task Force dealing with Incarceration Construction Fund

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio & DRGNews)- On Tuesday, the Legislative Task Force dealing with funding for jails & prisons met in Pierre.

Secretary of Department of Corrections Kellie Wasko talked about the issue of staffing for new facilities.

Brown County Commissioner Mike Wiese asked Wasko about transportation to the prisons in the state.

Wasko discuss the overpopulation that’s taking place in the women’s prisons.

Department of Corrections Secretary Kellie Wasko provided an overview of each of the facilities in the state’s prison system. She says the Women’s Prison in Pierre is over crowded and understaffed.

Wasko says Unit E on the women’s prison campus is especially concerning.

Wasko, who has been the head of the state’s corrections facilities for about four months now, says the situation at the Pierre Minimum Center is alarming.

Wasko says the conditions at the women’s prison facilities are unsafe.

Wasko talks about the population rate in prison might be going forward.

Wasko explains what the recidivism rate is in the state of South Dakota.

Commissioner Wiese talks about SB70 which was passed in 2013.

Wasko recommends funding for the women’s prisons in Sioux Falls & Pierre as well as improving the correctional facilities in Sioux Falls & Springfield.

The task force next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, August 31st.