Recap of Saturday’s Farm Forum held at the Brown County Fair

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- South Dakota Farmers Union on Saturday held their Farm Forum with the theme this year eminent domain vs property rights.

Lobbyist for the South Dakota Farmers Union & moderator Mitch Richter provided some background.

Richter informed the public on both Navigator & Summit Carbon Solutions.

Landowner Ed Fischbach talks about the eminent domain laws that are in effect now in South Dakota.

Landowner Craig Schaunaman discuss how the issue of eminent domains needs to go beyond just pipelines.

Spokesman Dennis Feickert gives an example involving his brother with regard to Summit.

Vice President of the National Farmers Union, Jeff Kippley explains that the group are in favor of the ethanol industry.

Kippley explains that there’s a separation between ethanol and the pipelines.

Kippley discuss how this is still a new process and questions how counties have tougher laws for setback for airports than they do for pipelines.

Navigator will hear the verdict from the South Dakota PUC on September 6th.  Summit will have their hearing with the PUC beginning September 11th.