Recap of Senator John Thune’s appearance on KSDN Evening Report

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Friday, Senator John Thune appeared on the KSDN Evening Report to discuss a variety of issues happening in Washington.

Prior to that he was with the EDGE group at a luncheon that day.

Senator Thune provides an update on the upcoming Farm Bill on the Senate side.

Senator Thune is working on his fifth Farm Bill and talks about at times there could be delays but hopes it doesn’t happen here.

Congressman Dusty Johnson this week introduced the America Works Act to deal with updating requirements for the SNAP program.  Senator Thune offer his take on it.

Senator Thune talks about the RESTRICT Act that he’s working on with Senator Mark Warner, Democrat from Virginia.

Thune talks about the countries the bill is targeting.

Thune talks about his criticism of the budget that was released by President Biden’s administration.

Thune discuss how the budget negotiations will impact the upcoming debt ceiling.

The full interview is at