Recap of South Dakota Senate Debate held Friday in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- This past Friday was the first & only debate between the candidates for the U.S. Senate seat representing South Dakota.  The candidates were the incumbent Republican Senator John Thune & his challengers, Democrat Brian Bengs & Libertarian Tamara Lesnar.

On the issue of inflation, Bengs attacked Senator Thune for his allegiance with the oil industry which Bengs feels is driving energy prices up.

Thune countered by talking about being more independent on energy.

Lesnar responded by pointing out how much the deficit has come up since Thune was in office.

On the issue of abortion, Senator Thune approves the plan Senator Lindsey Graham suggested putting a federal ban on abortion to fifteen weeks.

Lesnar feels that government should not get involved in reproductive rights.

Bengs criticizes Senator Thune for changing his stance on abortion.

On the issue of agriculture, Bengs pointed out four meatpackers controls 85% of the market & feels that government needs to improve the antitrust laws.

Thune agrees with Bengs about improving antitrust.  Thune talks about the next Farm Bill that will be in the works in 2023.

Lesnar talks about how she would improve agriculture in South Dakota.

On the issue of Veterans Health Care, Senator Thune talked the PAC act that passed Congress.

Lesnar criticizes Thune for increasing the budget for the military but not for veterans.

Bengs talks about his outrage when Senator Thune opposed the PAC Act to begin with before passing it in the end.

Election is coming up this Tuesday.