Recap of Summer Study Committee on regional jails held Wednesday in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Wednesday, the Summer Study Committee dealing with regional jails was held at NSU.

The committee took a tour of the projected new facility for the new jail to be taking place in Aberdeen.

Brown County Commissioner Duane Sutton

Brown County State’s Attorney Ernest Thompson talks about the issue of presumptive probation.

Retired judge from Brown County, Mark Anderson discuss the capacity of some of the county jails in the region.

Brown County Chief Deputy Dave Lunzman talks about the big picture in terms of the new facility.

McPherson County Sheriff Dave Ackerman reminds the committee how law enforcement is done in small communities.

McPherson County Attorney Austin Hoffman talks ab0ut the statute that’s in place by the legislature.

Walworth County Commissioner Scott Schilling talks about the county can’t afford to have a jail located in the county.

Grant County Sheriff Kevin Owen discuss having the manpower to run these jails in his county.

After hearing the testimony, the committee was allowed to discuss.  Senator Al Novstrup talks about what he learned.

The committee will meet again in August.  They are scheduled to look at prisons in Minnehaha & Clay Counties.