Recap of the 2nd Cracker Barrel held Saturday at NSU

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Saturday, the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2nd Cracker Barrel at the Barnett Center on the campus of NSU.  Legislators from District 1,2,3, & 23 attended.

Senator Bryan Breitling of Miller talks about the Freedom Scholarship.

Representative Kaleb Weis of Aberdeen let the people more about a deadline date the legislature has to follow.

Representative Carl Perry of Aberdeen talked about a bill a citizen in Aberdeen is pushing for.

Senator Al Novstrup of Aberdeen talks about the vaccine exemption bill(SB211) that’s working its way through the Senate.

Question was raised about the bill dealing with Northern State, Representative Perry:

Another issue brought up was the update on Web Water.  Senator Breitling:

Senator Novstrup update on a bill dealing with renovation of the Northeast Regional Jail.

A question was asked medical marijuana bills working its way through the legislature.  Senator Breitling who works in the medical field talks about how the legislature is handling that matter.

Critical Race Theory was brought up to discuss.  Representative Tamara St. John of Sisseton weighed in on that topic.

Senator Breitling explains the vaccine exemption to the public.

The final Cracker Barrel is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at NSU.