Recap of the final Cracker Barrel session held on Saturday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Saturday, the final Cracker Barrel session was held at NSU.  Legislators from Districts 1,2,3,& 23 were represented.

District 3 Representative Carl Perry provides an update on the Richmond Spillway.

District 3 Representative Drew Dennert talked about the stances taken by each chamber regarding recreational marijuana issue.

District 3 Senator Al Novstrup talked about SB44 dealing with destruction of Lincoln Hall at NSU.

District 23 Senator Bryan Breitling talks about the jail bills that didn’t pass this year.

District 2 Representative Lana Greenfield talked about the housing bills working its way through the legislature.

District 1 Representative Jennifer Keintz talked about inappropriate comments made Representative Steven Haugaard.

Question was asked about the CO2 pipeline and the issue about eminent domain.  Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch discuss this.

An interesting exchange between legislators was about the topic of Critical Race Theory.  District 2 Senator Brock Greenfield talks about it as a cancer.

Representative Keintz believes these teachings are not being taught in the schools.

Senator Greenfield countered Keintz’s statement.

Another exchange involved Representatives Keintz & Dennert dealing with the .5% and the impact of teacher’s salaries.

Another topic discussed was recreational marijuana and Representative Lana Greenfield explains why she is opposed to it.

The final day of the regular run is this Thursday.  Veto Day is scheduled for Monday, March 28th.