Recap of the Monday’s Work Session dealing with potential upgrades to the water treatment plant

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday the Aberdeen City Council did a work session dealing with the potential need to upgrade the Aberdeen Water Treatment Plant.

Banner Associates Dennis Rebelein, Wastewater Treatment Department Head gave the council a review.

Rebelein talks about the current conditions of the treatment plant.

Rebelein talks one of the bigger issue is the irrigation issues at the plant.

Rebelein next discuss the projected population of the city by the year 2045.

Rebelein discuss the amount of water circulating around the treatment plant by the year 2045.

Rebelein talks about the biofilters that would be eliminated in the projected plans.

Rebelein believes the water treatment plant needs to increase capacity based on the projected population growth.

Rebelein talks about the estimated cost for this project.

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