Recap of the SD Joint Redistricting Committee held Thursday

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Thursday, the South Dakota Redistricting Committee met in Pierre.

The committee established that the Sioux Falls area will get a minimum of 9 and likely 10 districts for the South Dakota Legislature.  No vote was performed as the committee are looking for feedback from the Sioux Falls Region.

The committee did agree on the guideline to be used for the Rapid City Area.  South Dakota House voted 5-4 while the South Dakota Senate was unanimous (7-0).  No official boundaries were set.

The committee did agree on their 1st official district which will be in Lawrence County as the population was within 5% of the 25,333 established for each district.

Looking ahead, Attorney Matt Frame of the Legislature Research Council talk about some projected maps going forward.  The maps were labeled under animal name familiar to South Dakota.

In the Walleye map, Frame talks about Brown County being too large for 2 districts.

In the Prairie Dog map, he discussed more about counties south of Brown.

In the Rattlesnake map, he talks about counties east of Aberdeen.

Representative Drew Dennert remind Frame about the population of Brown County & Chairperson Senator Mary Duvall had a message for Brown County legislators.

Aberdeen will be hosting a public forum regarding redistricting on Tuesday. October 12th, 1pm at the ARCC.

The next scheduled meeting of the Redistricting Committee is Wednesday, September 22nd.