Recap of the Summer Study session held Monday in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  On Monday the summer study dealing with regional jails & correctional facilities held their third meaning in Sioux Falls.  The legislators earlier in the morning did a tour of county jails in Clay & Minnehaha Counties.

Lobbyist for Brown County & Aberdeen, Julie Johnson recapped the last summer study that took place in Aberdeen.

Johnson talks about the role Brown County can play in supporting the prison system statewide.

Johnson feel the county is doing the role of the state in regards to correctional facilities.

Johnson note that Aberdeen can help the needs of the state in term of placing women & juveniles if need be.

Representative Carl Perry saids now is the time for cooperation from everybody in the state.

Senator Al Novstrup talks about what he learned from the tours of the jails in Clay & Minnehaha Counties.

Senator Bryan Breitling talks about some ways the counties and work with the state of South Dakota.

The next summer study meeting is Tuesday, September 20th in Pierre.