Recap of third summer study on County Funding

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Summer Study dealing with County Funding held their third session Wednesday at Pierre.  District 3 Senator Al Novstrup is a member of that committee and provided a recap of what happened.

Originally this was supposed to take place in Rapid City but was changed to Pierre instead.  Senator Novstrup talks about why the change of venue.

In this meeting a number of commissioners from different counties appeared for this.  The issue that kept coming up was funding needed to run their counties.

The panel’s co-chair, Senator Randy Deibert listed 10 ideas ranging from administrative fees, emergency management, election cost among others.  One of items Senator Novstrup focused on was court-appointed attorneys.

Toward the end of session, legislators offered up some suggestions to help the counties.  Senator Novstrup suggest what the state could do with surplus money going forward.

Another suggestion Senator Novstrup deals with money used on the fairgrounds that be distributed to run better county fairs going forward.

Senator Jim Bolin of Canton brought up the idea of reallocation which Senator Novstrup responded to.

The final meeting is scheduled for September 13th in Sioux Falls as part of the 2023 South Dakota County Convention in Sioux Falls.