Recap of Thursday’s Summer Study dealing with regional jails & correctional facilities

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Thursday was the 1st summer study session dealing with regional jails & correctional facilities.

Secretary of Department of Corrections Kelly Wasko talks about the number of inmates going in & out of the prison system.

Wasko talks about one of the items needed at this time.

Representative Carl Perry asked Wasko about the incarceration rate going forward.

Perry offered the following response back.

Brown County Commissioner Mike Wiese testified in front of the committee.

Wiese talked the capacity of the Brown County Jail.

Wiese discussed the transportation network Aberdeen arranged with Sioux Falls & Rapid City.

Wiese talked about the new location that is currently in the works.

Representative Perry asked Commissioner Wiese about offering tours to a different groups of people.

Senator Al Novstrup talks about the new location.

Representative Perry talks about what the committee will learn going forward.

Staci Ackerman with the SD Sheriff’s Association talks about the differences between a prison & a jail.

Amanda Essex with National Conference of State Legislatures commented on cost of a McPherson County jail & how they are working with Brown County.

Aberdeen lawyer & lobbyist Julie Johnson offer her pleas for the study committee to visit the Aberdeen jails.

Senator Novstrup concurred with the comments presented by Julie Johnson.

Representative Perry agrees with some additional provisions.

Representative Hugh Bartels feels that the summer study needs to look at regional jails through just the counties.

Representative Perry offer this response back.

Senator Bryan Breitling commented to stick with what the resolution is for this summer study.

The next meeting is scheduled for July.