Recap of Tuesday’s Redistricting Public Forum in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday, the Joint Redistricting Committee held a public forum focusing on the maps.  The emphasis looking toward the Aberdeen & Brown County region.

Matt Frame, the lawyer who represents the Legislative Research Council talks about what the goal of the Redistricting Committee is.

4 maps was presented to the forum, 3 from South Dakota senators & 1 from the South Dakota House.  Each map was given a bird’s name.

Senator Jim Bolin from Canton (Falcon Map) talk about he broke down Brown County.

Senator Crabtree from Madison(Blackbird Map) talk about adjusting his maps after the stop in Mobridge.

Representative Cwach who explained Senator Heinert from Mission(Eagle Map) talk about his map being similar to the other Senators maps.

The only House Representative map that was presented was Aberdeen’s own Drew Dennert’s(Grouse Map).  Dennert explains how he broke down Aberdeen & Brown, Spink, & Clark Counties.

After the maps were presented, the committee heard feedback from the public.  Every speaker that spoke were in favor of Drew Dennert’s map.

Brown County Commissioner Rachel Kippley talked about the county commission’s resolution.

District 3 Representative Carl Perry explains why he’s in favor of Dennert’s map.

Mayor Travis Schaunaman talks about his meeting with Dennert.

Senator Al Novstrup talks his support of Dennert’s map.

Clark Representative Lana Greenfield believes the map is a fair map.

The Redistricting Committee’s Public Forum will continue in Sioux Falls Wednesday.  The next committee meeting will be Monday, October 18th, at Pierre.