Recap of Veto Day from legislators of District 3

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday the South Dakota legislators returned to Pierre to deal with vetoes delivered by Governor Kristi Noem.  The legislature also learned about the recommendations the House Select Committee on Investigation on the impeachment of the Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.  They also learned from the SD Executive Board the issues that will be brought up for summer studies.

District 3 legislators, Senator Al Novstrup & Representative Carl Perry recapped what took place on Monday.

Governor Noem vetoed 4 bills that was passed by the legislature.  One of the vetoes was addressed during the regular session.  That was SB76 dealing with the lottery & potential compensation for overdue child support.  Senator Novstrup talks about why the Senate was unable to overturn the veto.

On Veto Day, the Senate addressed SB151 which dealt with the potential elimination of marijuana record after a period of 5 years.  Senator Novstrup talks about why the Senate was not able to overturn the veto.

On the House side, one bill discussed was HB1223 which dealt withg prenatal care for minors without parental consent.  Representative Perry originally voted for the bill.  On Veto Day Perry talks about he ended up opposing it.

The other bill vetoed was HB1281 which dealt with federal dollars coming in for fiscal year 2023.  The House was unable to get the 2/3 needed to override it.  Perry talks about his support of it.

One bill that was introduced was SB213 which dealt with money going to nursing homes.  Senator Novstrup discussed what this is about.

Also on Veto Day, the House Select Committee on Investigation voted 6-2 that Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg should not be impeached.  Representative Perry gave his meaning of impeachment.

Senator Novstrup reminds us that unlike the US Congress which require a simple majority to impeach.  It requires 2/3 majority in both the South Dakota House & Senate.

Finally the South Dakota Executive Board setup 3 topics coming up for summer study.  One will deal with jails statewide.  Senator Novstrup talks about facilities being outdated statewide.

Another topic for summer study is juvenile justice.  Representative Perry said this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The third topic is Property Taxes and Senator Novstrup talks about how to apply this more for cities & counties.

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