Recent rain worsens sinkhole in Blackhawk

BLACKHAWK, S.D. (KBHB) – Sunday’s rain and hail made things worse for residents in a Blackhawk subdivision, where a sinkhole has turned their lives upside down.

The hole appeared last week, leading to the evacuation of a dozen homes on East Daisy Street in the Northdale Subdivision.

It’s believed an old gypsum mine lies beneath the subdivision as geologists have been studying the enormous caverns that appear to make up the mine.

Meade County Emergency Management Director Doug Huntrods told reporters that the approximately 85-foot deep hole got bigger in size Sunday because of thunderstorms that moved through the area.

Meade County Commissioners will be talking about the situation at their May 12th meeting, but for now, citizens who have been forced out can only wait.

Meade County officials are working on getting grants for the people impacted by the sinkhole.

The Black Hills council for local and county governments is also working on an application process for the Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program.