Rep. Taffy Howard bringing bill to end vaccine mandates to businesses who receive taxpayer funding

PIERRE, S.D. – State Rep. Taffy Howard announced that she is pursuing legislation to limit the ability of businesses which accept taxpayer funding to mandate vaccines.

“We are so blessed to live in South Dakota,” said Rep. Howard, “where thanks to the leadership of the legislature and our Governor, we stand against shutdowns and mask mandates.”

“Now we need to stand up for people’s healthcare freedom.  I strongly support those who choose to get a COVID vaccine, and I support the choice not to get one, at least until there is more testing and data.  This is a personal health choice,” said Howard.

Rep. Howard’s legislation will differentiate between truly private businesses, which should not be regulated, and businesses which accept government funding or special legal protection.

“I agree with Governor Noem that the state should not intrude on private business decisions,” said Howard.  “For businesses which accept taxpayer dollars, financial incentives, or special legal protections, they have always had more oversight.”

“The FDA has not approved any COVID vaccines yet, only authorized them for emergency use.  I applaud the people who decide to get the vaccines, and I respect those people, many of whom fully accept vaccines, who choose not to get an experimental treatment before it’s fully tested and approved,” said Howard.

“The issue of freedom from mandates and shutdowns is vital.  In South Dakota, we got it right, and we need to get it right in Washington DC, which is part of why I am exploring a run for Congress,” said Howard.  “I have not made a final decision yet, but we have serious issues, such as the integrity of our elections, the invasion at our southern border, and an unsustainable debt, that are not being properly or adequately addressed by our current Representative in DC.”

“I challenge Congressman Dusty Johnson to stand up for the people of South Dakota and the nation by bringing federal legislation to end illegitimate vaccine mandates,” Howard said.