Representative Brandei Schaefbauer reflect back on her first term in Pierre

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- District 3 Representative Brandei Schaefbauer appeared on the KSDN Evening Report to reflect on her first term as a member of the South Dakota legislature.

Schaefbauer talks about the bill she was a prime sponsor of dealing with appointment of county coroners.

Schaefbauer talks about the issue of mental illness in regard to the 2nd amendment.

Schaefbauer address the difficulty of legislators in the northeast region to be influential toward the state.

With SB155 not passing, this will impact what Brown County can do for the building for the new regional jail.  Schaefbauer offers her take on what the county can do.

One of the more controversial bill was HB1080 dealing with preventing gender care for minors.  On the floor of the House, Representative Schaefbauer reference Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  She explains why she brought it up.

Schaefbauer address the topic of lewd behavior that was brought up on a bill dealing with drag shows done on universities.

The South Dakota did pass the largest tax cut in history.  The state sales tax will drop from 4.5% to 4.2% with a sunset clause of four years.  Schaefbauer believes this will be sustainable.

Schaefbauer expressed her view on one of the bills that was vetoed by Governor Noem dealing with marijuana.

As a result of her votes on marijuana, Protecting South Dakota Kids gave her an A+ rating.  Senator David Wheeler of Huron told KOKK that he feels this group will do what it can to try to repeal medical marijuana in the state.  Schaefbauer offered her views on what they want to do.

During the session, there was a list on the Senate side attempting to reveals members of the South Dakota Freedom Caucus which was suppose to be confidential.  Schaefbauer mentioned the caucus did try to recruit her to join them but she declined.

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