Representative Drew Dennert discusses his map the House Redistricting Committee agreed to involving our area

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  On Thursday, the House Redistricting met today to finalize maps to be used for the public forums coming up next week.  The map the House did decide on was the one created by District 3 Representative Drew Dennert.  Our focus will be the counties here in our region.

Dennert discussed the ordinances that was passed by both the Brown County Commission & the Aberdeen City Council.

Dennert talk about putting more balance into the voters of Aberdeen.

Dennert talks the counties that was used to create Districts 2 & 3.

Both districts if approved would have litte over 24,000 people.

Coming up on Tuesday, October 12th at 1pm, the Redistricting Committee will be holding a public forum at the ARCC to discuss the projected maps.  If you want to try to look ahead of time, Dennert offer up some suggestions.

Dennert projects how many maps could be seen in the meeting coming up on Tuesday.

Once the public forums are complete, the next meeting scheduled is Monday, October 18th & for now is to be a Joint Committee.

Check out the full interview including the other districts Dennert created partically for the Sioux Falls & Rapid City areas, go to our HubCityRadio Facebook page.