Residents from Aberdeen react to the new social studies standards being established in South Dakota

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday, the South Dakota Board of Education Standards met in Aberdeen to get feedback on the new proposed Social Studies standards.

Dr. Jon Schaff, professor of government at Northern State University & a member of the committee setting up the standards talks about those standards.

Schaff believes that Social Studies teachers should be well informed in the studies if they want to teach it.

Schaff talks about the standards should be understood by everyone.

Schaff acknowledge the standards include the good & the bad of history & talks about Hillsdale College.

Schaff believes students today are not as informed on history as they were in the past.

Kurt Drube, a former geography teacher for over 30 years within the Aberdeen School System, talks about his opposition to the new standards.

Drube feels that geography is not covered well enough with the new standards.

Drube discuss the training he went through at SDSU during the 2010s.

Drube talks the five themes that he uses to teach geography.

Drube feels that the standards for geography are weak.

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards will hold three more public events across the state.