Results from elections held Tuesday in the region

NE SOUTH DAKOTA(Aberdeen American News)- Here are the results from elections held in the region on Tuesday.


Mayor Scott Hanlon 218

Aaron Grant 24

“I’m happy to be mayor for another three years,” Hanlon said by phone Tuesday evening.

He said he’s glad for the opportunity to to do his best for the community. He also expressed his gratitude for all the voters who participated in the election.

“Everyone needs to participate and have a say,” Hanlon said.

According to the city, voter turnout was 25%.

Arlington School Board:

Paul Burns 156

Darrik Bunker 139

Jesse Spilde 110

Burns & Bunker elected to 3 year terms

Bowdle Ward 2:

Margaret Bobby 33

(I) Ryan Schlechter 8

Doland School Board:

Jeremy Moes 112

Sarah Lambert 109

Paul Laudner 91

Moes & Lambert elected to 3-year terms.

Eureka School Board:

Carie Kappes 89

Julie Hinton 83

Tanner Eggert 56

Kappes & Hinton elected to 3-year terms.

Hecla Ward 1:

(I) Shelley Ruenz 15

Marilyn Frohling 12

Redfield Ward 2:

Brent Derscheid 43

Martia Siebrecht 33