Rise in number of home schooled students leads to fall in public education funding based on enrollment

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- Across South Dakota– and the United States– there’s become a trend of more students being home schooled.

Pierre School District Superintendent Dr. Kelly Glodt says they see that trend happening here.

Glodt says when home schooling is done for the right reasons, the students tend to do well academically.

With the increase in the number of home schooled students comes a decrease in the number of students attending public schools. Glodt says that means fewer dollars from the state….which may lead to some challenging discussions.

Ideally, Glodt would like to see more checks-and-balances for home schooled students to be sure they are learning what they need to be in order to put them on the best possible path for their future education and career goals.