Highway construction projects pushed behind schedule

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KWAT) – Some highway construction projects in South Dakota that were scheduled to be wrapped up this fall won’t finish on time, and in some cases, may have to be carried into next spring.

The problem has been wet weather, or as was the case last week, snow.

Two such projects are the reconstruction of Highway 212 from the Clear Lake corner to the Minnesota line, and Highway 212 thru the west side of Watertown. Both projects have been plagued by weather delays.

South Dakota DOT Secretary Darin Bergquist says it’s been happening all over the state.

The road construction season will end soon, and that means a transition to snowplows and sanding trucks.

Some of the construction projects this year were unexpected, but became necessary due to flooding that washed out sections of highway, or left roads under water.

Bergquist says the feds will step in to help cover those repair costs.

Highways south of Arlington and in the Lake Andes area were rebuilt this summer to get them out of floodwaters.