Rounds among group that talks farm issues with President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KXLG) – Farmers hard hit by low commodity prices, the result of the ongoing trade war, could be bracing for bigger worries as tough harvest conditions continue to make for another difficult year. Senator Mike Rounds spent an hour with President Trump this week where he and others talked about the troubles in farm country.

Rounds says that Larry Kudlow was also in the room and that the President demanded assurances from his Chief Economic Advisor there would be follow-up and action.

Senator Rounds says the United States Mexican Canada Agreement is next in line and that, if Canada and Mexico can’t make a deal, other countries are waiting to talk with the United States.

He says the state’s farm economy would really take off if the President can get some fair trade deals in place, although right now, “there’s some political hardball being played.”