Rounds says he is fine with Mueller testifying

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KXLG) – South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds is good with Robert Mueller testifying before Congress but has doubts it will clear the air.

Rounds says Federal law doesn’t allow the release of Grand Jury information and that, although much of the information in the Special Counsel report has been made available, that it might still be helpful if Mueller did testify. When asked about Russian election interference in the U.S. elections Senator Rounds said that, although he doesn’t believe there was any collusion involved with President Trump, Russian involvement in the U.S. elections is real.

Senator Rounds said the Russians really thought Hillary Clinton would win the last Presidential election and that, by interfering with the American election, they could weaken her.

Rounds also responded to criticism there was no mention made of election interference in President Trump’s lengthy phone call with the Russian President last week.