SB156 in limbo after failure in the South Dakota House

PIERRE, S.D. (SDBA) – Fifty million dollars more for water projects came within two votes of passing in the House Thursday.
SB 156 would have provided federal infrastructure funds to be used between now and 2025.
The vote was 45 to 25 and failed because it needed a two-thirds majority to pass as an appropriation.
Earlier Thursday, the Senate had no trouble passing the measure on a 30 to 3 vote.
Some legislators said the state still needs a plan to use the funds and should wait a year.
Republican Rep. William Shorma (shore-mah) from Dakota Dunes.
Most legislators did not concur with that thought.
Republican Rep. Steve Duffy from Rapid City.
SB 156 is now in limbo, with only the Veto Day left on March 27.