SB211(COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Bill) clears the House with amendment

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday, the South Dakota House debated SB211 which would allow employees to be exempt from the Covid-19 vaccine if the employers elect to make it mandatory.  This bill was the one that was pushed by Governor Noem during her State of the State address.

Representative & Majority Whip Rebecca Reimer presented the bill to the House floor.

Reimer talks about the purpose of the bill.

Reimer talked about the three provisions of this bill that would require proof starting with medical.

The 2nd provision deals with religion.

The final provision deals with natural immunity.

Representative Rhonda Milstead of Sioux Falls offered an amendment that completely changed SB211.

The amendment was approved on a 39-30 vote.  Here’s a look at SB211 that came out of the Senate.  Here’s is what SB211 looks like with the amendment.

This variation is similar to HB1258 which states they don’t need to take their vaccine because of their conscience and don’t need to provide proof.  That version failed to clear the Senate Committee on a unanimous vote.

The Senate bill passed the House chamber on a 37-32 vote.

The bill has been relabeled Protect Individual Conscience from Businesses mandating COVID-19 Vaccine.

On Tuesday, the SD Senate didn’t concur with the amendment & has sent senators to join House members to settle the matter.