SB46(Fairness in Womens Sports) debated on the SD House Floor

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews & WNAX)- Political leaders in Pierre had mixed reactions to republican Governor Kristi Noem’s Chief-of-Staff using a comparison of the issue of transgender athletes competing in girls or women’s sports to terrorism.

Mark Miller made the comment during testimony before the House State Affairs Committee Wednesday on SB46.

House democratic leader Jamie Smith of Sioux Falls was less understanding.

Senate democratic party leader Troy Heinert of Mission had this reaction.

House republican leader Kent Peterson of Salem.

The South Dakota House took up SB46 for final debate Thursday. That’s the bill that would prohibit trans gender females from taking part in women’s sports.

Representative Rebecca Reimer of Chamberlain said provisions of the bill would allow females to defend themselves.

Representative Rhonda Milstead of Sioux Falls offered an amendment that would specify how legal action and damages would proceed.

Representative Steven Haugaard of Sioux Falls then made a procedural move.

Speaker Spencer Gosch said the bill would be put back on the House calendar next week.