School is out in Miller for the rest of the week as a result of today’s explosion

MILLER, S.D.(KCCR & DRGNews)- School is out for the remainder of the week in the Miller School District after an explosion Wednesday morning in a shop area.  High School senior Cynthia Ford and three friends were in class together around 8:45 am when the explosion happened.

Six students and one faculty member were in the Ag Shop when the explosion happened.  Students were evacuated outside to nearby churches where temperatures at the time were six-below in Miller which Gortmaker says was a challenge for firefighters.

Hand County Emergency Manager Arlen Gortmaker:

Gortmaker says all of the Miller School buildings are connected, so the smoke caused some damage.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s office.  Offers for help came from as far away as Crow Creek and Ipswich.  School officials were unavailable for comment as they were planning on how to move forward with classes for next week.

Miller basketball teams were scheduled to host a doubleheader vs Ipswich Thursday.  The games will now be played in Ipswich.