SD Congressional members weigh in on the infrastructure bills going through Congress

MITCHELL, S.D.(WNAX)- When the one point two trillion dollar infrastructure bill was up for a vote in the Senate, South Dakota Senator John Thune voted no.

Thune says the bill is just too expensive.

Thune says the state is still sitting on hundreds of millions of federal dollars that could be redirected.

Thune says he could be interested in a slimmed down version if that returns from a House – Senate conference committee.

Senator Mike Rounds says there was a lot more than just roads and bridges in the massive bill.

Rounds says that could give the federal government too much information.

Rounds says its possible there could be some compromises before the bill is finalized.

The infrastructure bill next goes to the House, which returns to Washington on August 23rd.

South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson says he hasn’t decided how he will vote yet.

The three point five trillion-dollar bill is the next recovery bill to be considered by Congress.

Johnson says republicans can’t really slow down or stop the major spending bills.

Johnson says democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi may run into issue trying to ram those bills through the House.

All 3 Congressional members were in Mitchell for Dakotafest.