SD Dept of Health reports no new COVID-19 related deaths

PIERRE, S.D.( – The state reported no new COVID-related deaths, while active cases & hospitalizations increased, according to figures released by the South Dakota Department of Health. The death total currently at 2,528. The state had 4,110 new cases and 854 recoveries, increasing active infections to 20,475. Those hospitalized in connection with the virus is 315.

So far, South Dakota has had 195,204 cases and 172,201 recoveries.

Locally, Brown County had 135 new cases and 26 recoveries. The county currently has 640 active cases. Overall, the county has had 8,179 cases and 7,430 recoveries. There’s currently 109 Covid-related deaths.

Statewide, Minnehaha County has had 48,711 cases, followed by Pennington County with 25,913 and Lincoln County with 13,334, Other counties totals include Codington with 6,818, Brookings with 6,479, Meade with 5,548, Lawrence with 5,295, and Davison with 4,867.

Statewide 500,760 have received at least one dose of COVID-19 Vaccine(over 68% of the state) with 448,815 completing vaccination(over 56% of the state).  Statewide 181,984 have received the booster shot(over 28% of the state).

Brown County has 22,913 receiving at least one shot & 21,354 completing vaccination. 9,319 receiving the booster shot.